Yeti is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


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The Yeti has a white body, as well as white arms. His head is a new mould that covers most of the torso, and is also white with a light blue face. He has black eyes with white pupils, and pale yellow teeth. His hands are light royal blue. His legs are white, and have light blue fur printing on them. His torso is also printed with light blue fur designs.

The Yeti stands around hunched over and occasionally will growl, shake himself and dance back and forth on his feet.  When running, he has a silly gait that kicks his feet to the sides.  When attacking, he does a alternates between an uppercut, a hook, and a spinning kick.



"Yoo-hoo! Here I am!”

Once upon a time, the Yeti was barely more than a legend. Dwelling all alone up on his snowy mountaintop, he was rarely glimpsed by travelers, and those who did spot him were even less often believed. The Yeti himself was starting to think that he might just be a myth.

But that changed the day he looked himself up on the internet. Everyone seemed to be talking about him there, and they knew all about him – from his favorite foods to his foot size. He was famous! Now that he knows he’s a celebrity, the no-longer-shy Yeti is just waiting for crowds of new friends to arrive. He can’t wait to meet them!


  • The Yeti will ask for an Ice Lolly before allowing you to unlock him for discovery.
  • After being unlocked, will ask for an Apple (Green) and a Snowball, will give you an Ice Cream
  • Sometimes the Yeti is friendly, sometimes it wants to fight.