The Watchful Wilderness is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

The Watchful Wilderness is typically rolling hills covered in medium-to-large sized conifer trees, large oaks and numerous fallen logs and stumps. One structure known to appear here is the Ruined Tower, which may have a large Item Chest on the top level.

This Biome is very similar to, and easily confused with, both the Fantasy Forest and the Whispering Woodlands, however, the two key differences to look for are the size of the primary trees (trees here are much larger, and of both conifer and deciduous types), as well as the Objects and creatures.

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Creatures: Edit

Only after dark:

Vehicles: Edit

Objects: Edit

  • Dark Green Apple Tree
  • Green Apple Tree
  • Small Conifer Sapling
  • Conifer
  • Bush 1
  • Bush 2
  • Bush 3
  • Bush 4
  • Bush 5
  • Spiky Bush 3
  • Red Apple Tree
  • Tree Stump
  • Wildflower
  • Eyeball - 1,000 studs (found on the Moa-style heads)

  • Small red flowers
  • Small yellow flowers
  • Small white flowers
  • Fallen log with moss
  • Small bare stump
  • Medium bare tree trunk
  • Large bare tree trunk
  • Large flat stump with mushrooms
  • Large grey patterned boleta mushroom
  • Small red ruffled mushroom
  • Small grey patterned boleta mushroom
  • Leaning log
  • Arrow sign post
  • Small stump with mushroom
  • Low green bracken
  • Small green ferns with red flowers
  • Large green ferns with red flowers

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