The Toy Plane is a flying vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found only in the Winter Wonderland.


The Toy Plane has a green body with stubby red biplane wings and a white tail. It has a single red three-bladed propeller mounted to the large engine on the front of the plane. Two grey exhaust pipes stick out from the engine, spewing white exhaust while the vehicle is occupied. It has four small white wheels: two underneath the forward wings and an even smaller pair under the tail.

The Toy Plane can hop, even when idling. When occupied, the vehicle idles with a smooth small engine sound that raises in pitch as the vehicle gains speed and takes off. It has no horn sound.

The Toy Plane has a fairly decent turn radius and can take off and land rather quickly.


This vehicle does not appear to be based on any existing real-world LEGO sets, and seems to be unique to LEGO Worlds.