Surfer Girl is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Surfer Girl wears her hair in a brown ponytail, and has a cocky grin on her feminine face. Her torso is black and pink wetsuit with the same logo as the Deep Sea Diver on the chest (a wave in a circle). Her arms, hips and legs are black and pink to match the wetsuit, and her hands are the usual LEGO yellow.

The Surfer Girl has no unique idle animations.



“The best wave is always the next wave!”

The Surfer Girl loves everything about the ocean, from the biggest sandy beach to the tiniest tropical fish. She’s happy just to be in the water, and she’s even happier still when she finds a new surfing challenge to test her skill.

As long as the sky is clear and the surf is wild, the Surfer Girl can be found right in the middle of her element, riding the tallest wave she can find and whooping at the top of her lungs the whole way back to the beach. And as soon as she reaches the shore, she runs right back into the water to chase the next big splash!


  • The Surfer Girl only has a few Quests that she will offer: You can bring her an Ice Lolly, you can lead her to water or you can protect her from Big Sharks. Completing any of these will unlock her for discovery.