Shower of Studs

Shower of Studs

Studs are the main currency in LEGO Worlds. They are used to unlock Models that have been collected, and are gathered through destroying Objects, opening Treasure Chests and Stud Chests, completing Quests and interacting with certain objects.

Gaining Studs Edit

Silver Stud 32px Gold Stud 32px Blue Stud 32pxPurple Stud 32px

Each Silver Stud is worth 10, a Golden Stud is worth 100, Blue ones are worth 1,000 and Purple Studs are worth 10,000.

Destroying Objects Edit

Like in every other LEGO game, destroyed objects can drop Studs on the ground. To break an object, simply attack it or run over it while riding a Creature or driving a Vehicle. Each destroyed object will drop 20-3,000 Studs, but they must be grabbed relatively quickly, before they disappear from the world.

Chests Edit


A regular Stud Chest

Stud Chests are generated in nearly every Biome in the world. When hit or run over, the chest will open up and drop from 4,800 to 60,000 Studs or more, depending on the type of Stud Chest. Similarly, Treasure Chests will also drop a randomized amount of Studs each time one is opened. Because of this, Dungeons are now one of the most efficient ways to quickly collect Studs.

Interaction Edit

Studs are also granted for interacting with certain objects found in the world and in specific Brick Builds. For example, nearly every part of the LEGO Creator: Changing Seasons house will generate a random amount of Studs.  For this reason, this playset was considered the fastest and most efficient way to gather Studs during Early Access.

Completing Quests Edit

Every time the player completes a Quest, a random amount of Studs are dropped. This is not a significant amount, however, it can add up over time!

Collect 1,000,000,000 Studs Edit

An Achievement ("Billionaire!") will unlock upon collecting 1,000,000,000 Studs. This is considered the most difficult achievement in the game.

Losing Studs Edit

There are few ways to lose Studs. One can either be killed or spend the Studs on unlocks or at the Trader.

Whenever the Player dies 2,000 Studs are dropped. Assuming that the Player didn't die in a completely unrecoverable location (such as a pool of lava), the Studs hang around for a moment and can often be gathered back up before disappearing.

Studs can be used to unlock any Model that the player has already discovered with the Discovery Tool. This includes Characters, Creatures, Vehicles and Objects. Once a Model has been unlocked, it no longer needs to be paid for and can be summoned again and again.

The Trader, flying her Hot Air Balloon at night, will offer 6 random Items for sale, ranging from additional hearts (health for the player) to weapons, to ordinary and magical items. With the high cost of some of the more rare Items (such as Gold Bricks), this is a easy way to spend a lot of Studs in a hurry.

Trivia Edit

The maximum number of Studs you could have during Early Access was 3,999,998.  Gaining even 1 more would cause the game to revert back to 3,489,998[1]