Treasure chests

Two Stud Chests

Stud Chests are small chests that, when opened, drop a varying amount of Studs. They are found randomly generated throughout nearly every Biome in LEGO Worlds. They are specifically generated in certain Brick Builds or are found randomly in Cave Systems and even on the surface. They are several variants, each of which contain a different amount of Studs. They can be opened by hitting them, running over them with Creatures or Vehicles or throwing certain objects at them. When nearby, a shimmering twinkling sound, similar to that of Treasure Chests can be heard, however, Stud Chests do not project beams of light into the air, nor can they be seen on the minimap.

They are not discoverable, and thus cannot be placed by the player.

Type Value
Brown 4,800
Gold 12,800
Dark Brown (Ornate) 60,000
Classic Space 12,800
Nexo Knights Not in game
"Purple" 500,000

Types of Stud Chest Edit

Brown Stud Chest Edit

Icon Stud Chest Brown

Brown Stud Chests are the most common type of Stud Chest, and contain 4,800 studs. They appear in most Brick Builds and Dungeons, and can also usually be found in Cave Systems. They may also occasionally appear on the surface.

Gold Stud Chest Edit

Icon Stud Chest Gold

Gold Stud Chests are less common, and only appear in Dungeons and some Brick Builds. They contain more studs than their brown counterparts, giving out around 12,800 studs when broken.

Dark Brown Stud Chest Edit

Icon Stud Chest Ornate

Dark Brown Stud Chests are a rare variant of Stud Chest, only appearing near traps in Dungeons, in Geodes and some Stonehenge formations or next to Legendary Bricks. They give out a large amount of studs, much more than the Gold Stud Chest. (around 60,000).

Classic Space Stud Chest Edit

Icon Stud Chest Classic Space

Classic Space Stud Chests are found (rarely) in certain locations in builds on the Moon Biome. They drop 12,800 studs (same as the Gold Stud Chest).

Nexo Knights Stud Chest Edit

Icon Stud Chest Nexo Knights

Nexo Knights Stud Chests were supposed to be found only in Castle Knighton builds, made by the player from the Nexo Knights sets downloaded from the Build Showcase, however, they appear to have been forgotten.

"Purple" Stud Chest Edit

Icon Stud Chest Purple

"Purple" Stud Chests, which actually look very ornate, are the most valuable type of Stud Chest known and appear only in certain builds downloaded from the Build Showcase. They can contain from 50,000 to 500,000 Studs each, however, they are unique: Once the chest in each Brick Build has been opened, building more of the same Brick Build will result in an empty chest, presumably to prevent farming of the Brick Builds for cheap Studs. Opening the chest sets the flag, so if you forget to open it and delete the Brick Build by accident, you can build the same Brick Build again and will still be able to open the chest.

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