The Small Plane is a flying vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Playful Prairie.


With white wings, a blue and white body and a blue undercarriage, this single-engine, single-seater plane has more than a passing resemblance to a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. It has 2 mid-body, non-retractable wheels and a single wheel on the tail of the plane. There are functional lights on the wings (the headlights turn on at night), and, when flying, there are streamers emitted from the wingtips to suggest high rates of speed.

Although it has a slow turn radius, it is very swift in straight travel, making it a fast way to traverse LEGO Worlds.


Though it has some similarities to the Water Plane in LEGO's "Water Plane Chase" set, this doesn't actually resemble any offical LEGO product, current or past, possibly opening the door for a future product tie-in.


  • As of Update 2, the Small Plane no longer hovers, it immediately taxis and begins flying forward and cannot stop until you exit the plane.