Skeleton is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Skeleton is completely white from head to toe, but is formed of non-standard parts: bonelike arms and legs and a ribcage for the torso. The face has round black eyes, a black triangle for a nose, and a creepy skeletal grin. Despite the non-standard body design, the head and torso of the Skeleton are available in the Character Customizer. The torso includes the arms, legs and hands, but creative users can swamp some of those parts out.

Skeletons can be found in nearly any Biome after nightfall, or underground in Cave Systems at any time. It is an aggressive mob, attacking other Characters and Creatures alike, save only other Skeletons. Skeletons will often make aggressive gestures towards the Player, but will only attack the Player if the Player gets too close.  

When idle, the Skeleton will stand or walk with its head cocked to one side, and arms and legs at odd angles. While standing around, it will periodically emit a shrieking laugh while looming forward in a frightening manner. Instead of punching, the Skeleton's default attack is a "jump scare" manoeuvre, which still does damage.

When the Player is playing as a Skeleton and "returns from the dead" (after being defeated), instead of just blinking into existence, the Skeleton will crawl up out of the ground.

The Skeleton's special ability, Scare, will cause any Character or Creature nearby (except another Skeleton) to run away in terror. Any nearby Skeletons will simply respond with a shake of their head and a vocal "Nuh uh!".


From Brickipedia

The body form of the skeleton has slightly changed over the years. For instance, the first LEGO skeletons had arms with ball and socket joints which allowed them to move all the way out to the side and all the way around. Skeletons in later sets had arms with normal pivot joints, like on a Battle Droid, that just move up and down. Also, the faces changed in the Castle sets. Classic skeletons had round eyes which gave them a neutral or even friendlier look to their faces than in the newer skeleton that has a slanted or evil look in their eyes. A new variation of the skeleton was released in the Ninjago theme, which feature redesigned torsos, arms and legs.


  • Unlock this character by defeating it in battle.