Scientist is a playable character in LEGO Worlds. She can be found wandering in several Biomes, including Fungus Forest, Lawless Lagoon, Polar Plains, and Rowdy Rainforest.


The Scientist has brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her face has a smiling expression with light pink lipstick, and she is wearing thin, square-rimmed glasses. She has a lilac-coloured shirt under a white lab coat with many pockets, and a grey ID tag that says "Professor C. Bodin." Her pants are also white. Her safety gloves are a Light Royal Blue.

The Scientist has one unique idle animation if her hands are empty: She will pull out two flasks, one full of a blue liquid, the other full of orange, then mix the two liquids together, creating a new purple liquid. She will then appear startled and toss the purple flask away. There are no sounds associated with this animation. Since she is always found holding a Blue Magic Potion in the wild, she will instead just be seen examining the flask.



"I wonder what will happen if I put THIS together with THAT…"

The brilliant Scientist’s specialty is finding new and interesting ways to combine things together. She’ll spend all night in her lab analyzing how to connect bricks of different sizes and shapes (she won the coveted Nobrick Prize for her discovery of the theoretical System/DUPLO® Interface!), or how to mix two colors in one element.

Thanks to the Scientist’s tireless research, Minifigures that have misplaced their legs can now attach new pieces to let them swim like fish, slither like snakes, and stomp around like robots. Her studies of a certain outer dimension have even perfected a method for swapping body parts at will!