The Rowdy Rainforest is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

The Rowdy Rainforest is typically low, flat lands to slightly hilly, filled with trees with dark green leaves or no leaves at all, and lots of brightly coloured flora between the trees.

Models Edit

Characters: Edit

Creatures: Edit

Water only:

Vehicles: Edit

Objects: Edit

  • Small Green Jungle Vine
  • Jungle Vine (Pink Flowers)
  • Jungle Vine (Red Flowers)
  • Large Tropical Flower
  • Yellow Bloom
  • Big Flower
  • Leafy Bush
  • Hollow Log
  • Old Tree
  • Felled Tree
  • Tropical Bush
  • Lush Plant
  • Ground Foliage
  • Drooping Plant
  • Banana Tree - 1,250 to unlock

Structures: Edit

  • Large Rainforest Trees with Stud Chests on various branches

Paints Edit

The following Paint colours are unlocked on discovering this Biome (if they weren't already):

  • Rainforest Floor
  • Foliage
  • Stone
  • Mud

Useful Galactic Coordinates: Edit

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