Robber (Stubble) is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, presumably based on the male crook in LEGO's 60042 High Speed Chase set.


Robber (Male) wears a black cap and has an angry-looking face with stubble on the jowls and chin. He wears a black and dark grey-striped prison shirt with a rope across his chest that has keys and lockpicks on his back. His torso also includes a brown belt with pouches. His arms are dark grey to match the shirt, while his hips and legs are black. His hands are the regular LEGO yellow.

When idle, the Robber (Male) stands hunched over, looking nervously in all directions. Occasionally he will freeze in place in a statuesque pose with one arm flung out in front and one leg flung behind him. He will also sometimes pull some money out from under his hat, smile, kiss it, then covet the money greedily before shoving it back into his hat.



  • Appears in the Creator Town subdistricts of certain Biomes. See the Town page for more info.