The Rat or Mouse is a non-rideable, carryable Creature in LEGO Worlds that naturally appears in many different surface and subterranean biomes, such as Cave Systems, Lawless Lagoon, and Weird Woods.


The Rat-type creatures, including both Rats and Mice, are small creatures with four small legs and a long tail. It scurries around making squeaking noises when idle. These rodents appear in a variety of colours, the colour being dependent on the Biome they've spawned in.


This creature appears to be the Rat. The Rat minifig was created for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set in 2001 and has been used many times since then, mostly for Harry Potter-themed sets. It also appeared in some modular buildings.


These creatures can appear in the following colours and Biomes:

Rats and Mice can be discovered immediately, and do not require a Quest to be completed first.