Police Officer (Serious) is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Police Officer (Serious) wears a dark blue police hat with a bronze-coloured badge. He has a serious looking face most of the time. His blue uniform shirt with gold badge on his chest covers a white T-shirt. It is cinched with a dark blue belt with a golden buckle and grey pouches. His hips and pants are dark blue, but his arms are the lighter blue to match his shirt. His hands are the normal LEGO yellow.

The Police Officer (Serious), when idle, will stand with his thumbs tucked into his belt, tipping his hat at invisible passers-by. If left alone long enough, he will take off his hat, revealing a doughnut hidden underneath, which he will then dunk into a newly produced coffee mug, before eating it one bite.

The Police Officer (Serious) will sometimes be found carrying a Truncheon.




There’s no one more dedicated to catching bad guys than the brave Policeman. He may work out of the big city, but he’ll tirelessly pursue crooks no matter where they try to hide, risking life and limb every day while doing his duty to protect the public and uphold the law.

Robbers may flee to the distant desert or the dense forest, but they’ll always hear the footsteps of the Policeman following behind them. And just when they think they’ve gotten away with the loot, there he’ll be with his shiny badge and handcuffs to arrest them and haul them off to jail. Break the law and beware: the Policeman always gets his Minifigure!