Police Officer is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, currently found only in Creator Towns.


The Police Officer wears her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders. She has a smiling face with a light shade of pink lipstick and short eyelashes. Her blue uniform shirt covers a white collared shirt and dark blue tie. It is cinched with a dark blue belt with a golden buckle. Her hips and pants are dark blue, but her arms are the lighter blue to match her shirt. Her hands are the normal LEGO yellow.

The Police Officer will walk around with her hands tucked in her belt, saluting passerbys, however, she will sometimes be found carrying a Truncheon, which will preclude this idle animation.



  • The character's hair colour was changed from dark brown to a dark blonde.
  • Originally called "Policewoman" - but changed when the gender-neutral language was established in LEGO Worlds.