Pirate (Male) is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, presumably based on the Pirate Captain on


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The Pirate Captain wears a red longcoat and a bicorne hat with a gold-coloured skull and crossbones, as well as a few small gold dots, which decorate the hat. There is also a plume/feather that attaches to a small whole fit for it. His face is printed with black sideburns, and big, black moustache. He also has a Dark Red coloured eye-patch, and a tanned eye on the other side. His torso print is a red jacket, with a brown bandoleer belt, with several buttons printed. He has a gold hook hand, and a gold cutlass piece, which is exclusive to this figure. He has a brown peg-leg, with black, unprinted legs.

The Pirate (Male) has a unique walking gait, throwing his peg leg out wide, giving him an uneven walk. When idle, he alternates between standing with his hand (and hook) on his hips, hopping on one leg (his only leg) to peer off into the distance, and finally, scratching his peg leg with his hook.



“Yarr! Don’t ye know who I be? And if not, do ye have any suggestions?”

A real pirate is a merciless, rotten son of a sea dog, and that’s exactly what the Pirate Captain aspires to be. He certainly looks the part with his rugged eye-patch, hook-hand and peg-leg, but he has to admit that he’s had a few hiccups along the way.

First of all, his ships keep sinking. No matter whether it’s a man o’ war or a dinghy, any vessel capsizes within five minutes of him coming aboard. Also, he gets seasick really easily – sometimes just a picture of the ocean is enough to set him off. Worst of all, he’s having real trouble coming up with a piratey name. All the good ones – from Ironhook to Brickbeard – seem to already be taken. If he can just come up with a name to strike fear into the hearts of landlubbers everywhere, the Pirate Captain figures the rest of his problems will solve themselves!

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In The LEGO Movie, the Pirate Captain is seen in Wyldstyle's backstory about the Master Builders. A Pirate Captain made a cameo in MetalBeard's flashback as part of his crew during an earlier raid on the Octan Tower. He also can be seen in the Think Tank of Lord Business.