Perilous Peaks is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

Perilous Peaks are typically composed of very steep mountainsides, rising from green grassy mountainsides with tall conifer trees through barren grey rock almost as high as the clouds in the Sky where it becomes snowy.

Models Edit

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Props: Edit

(Low altitude)

  • Thistle
  • Bush
  • Pink Rose Bush
  • Grass Tuft 1
  • Grass Tuft 2
  • Grass Clump 1
  • Grass Clump 2
  • Grass Clump 3
  • Grass Clump 4
  • Grass Clump 5

(High altitude)

  • Flat Pebble Stack
  • Flat Stone Stack
  • Large Statue Lantern
  • Round Stone Stack
  • Summit Monument
  • Summit Stack
  • Summit Stone

Structures: Edit

Due to the construction of the Perilous Peaks biome, these structures are very unlikely to spawn, as of Title Update 3.

Paints Edit

The following Paint colours are unlocked on discovering this Biome (if they weren't already):

  • Snow
  • Stone
  • Grass

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