Paleontologist is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Paleontologist face has glasses, and she has a tan safari hat with long reddish hair in a ponytail underneath it. Her torso is a khaki two-pocket shirt with beige neckerchief, and her hips are beige to match. Her legs are beige shorts white socks and beige shoes. Her arms have short khaki sleeves with the remainder of her arms and hands being the standard LEGO yellow.

The Paleontologist has no unique idle animations, although she does seem to blink a lot.



“When it comes to science, the older it is, the better!”

The Paleontologist has spent her whole life enthusiastically digging in the ground with pick, shovel, trowel and toothbrush in order to uncover the incredible secrets of the ancient past. It isn’t the cleanest job, but if she can discover a new tiny, fossilized mammal tooth or the feathery imprint of a previously-unknown dinosaur species, she knows that she’ll have done her part to help unlock the mysteries of prehistory.

She’s also the consulting expert and best pal of the Dino Tracker, who often enlists her fossil-hunting colleague’s expertise to learn more about the time-lost dinosaurs that she’s trying to capture. For her own part, the Paleontologist is delighted to help. After all, not a lot of scientists in her line of work get to see the subjects of their studies first-hand!


  • The Paleontologist was one of the two characters that the player started off with unlocked during Early Access. She and the Explorer were replaced by the Astronaut and Intergalactic Girl in that role.