Mummy is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


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His head is mostly covered but you can see part of his head, which, in preliminary pictures, is green. His body and his legs are covered, and his hands are white. His eyes are yellow-green in colour with white pupils.

The mummy is bandaged in white from head to toe, except where parts of its skin show through the bandages. It is rare in that it has printing on the sides of the legs, and the back of the torso.

The Mummy has a unique shambling walk, reminiscent more of old zombie movies than mummies. When idle, the Mummy will alternate between crossing its arms over its chest and appearing to go to sleep while standing up, or else it will put its arms out as though to grab someone.




The Mummy’s favorite thing to do is put ancient mummy curses on people. He just loves it when you wake up with slimy frogs in your bed, or suddenly find your shoelaces tied together, or have your toast always fall on the floor with the butter-side down.

But the Mummy doesn’t really mean any harm, and he’d be surprised if he ever found out that people thought he was being mean to them. As far as he knows, putting curses on people is just what mummies are supposed to do!


  • Despite there being Pyramids in the Desert, the Mummy does not appear inside of them, instead it roams the open Desert.
  • The Mummy's green eyes glow at night.