Mountain Climber is a playable character in LEGO Worlds found primarily in the Perilous Peaks.


The Mountain Climber has a smiling face with sports goggles, and a red safety helmet. The torso is a red jumpsuit with blue 6-armed rescue symbol on a white mountain logo, and the legs are red to match, with black safety harness straps painted on. The hips are brown with a small belt buckle but the arms are black. The hands are standard LEGO yellow.

The Mountain Climber has no unique idle animations.



“No cliff too steep, no peak too high!”

The Mountain Climber doesn’t just like to climb – he’s also a highly-trained and skilled rescue worker! If anybody gets stuck on a mountainside, he’s the one who gets called in. Whether he’s rappelling down from a helicopter in high winds or scaling up a snowy slope with medical supplies, he never gives up and he never loses hope.

And it’s not just his fellow citizens that he helps, either. In his years of experience, the Mountain Climber has rescued stranded mountain goats, birds that have gotten lost in mid-migration, and even the Yeti once when a particularly loud yodel buried the creature in snow. After all that hard work, he’s always got hot chocolate and soup waiting for him when the rescue’s done!


  • The Mountain Climber has a number of different Quests that he will offer the player, including requesting a Pickaxe, defending him from Yetis or even decorating a Temple found high in the mountains.