Motorcycle Mechanic is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


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The Motorcycle Mechanic has black legs, a black waist, a sand blue torso, yellow arms, and yellow hands. His leg features printing depicts a grey chain draping down on the left, and an oil rag on his right. Printing on his torso depicts an unbuttoned, sleeveless, sand blue vest with pockets and a white tank top underneath. Small sections of his arms and hairy chest are visible on the sides and top of the torso respectively. He has a printing depicting a red flame tattoo covering his left arm. The Motorcycle Mechanic has a yellow-coloured face, and printing depicts light-grey glasses with dark-grey frames that his eyes are not visible through, a brown mustache, and sideburns. He also has a red bandana covering his head.

The above description is accurate, except for the oily rag, which does not appear in LEGO Worlds version. The Motorcycle Mechanic has no unique idle animations.



“Clunking sound? Yeah, that’s supposed to be there.”

When you want your ride to really roar, you take it to the Motorcycle Mechanic. He may look scruffy, but this veteran biker knows every inch of a motorcycle inside and out, and there’s no one else around who’s as good at making them perform their best.

Make no mistake: your bike may not look very pretty by the time the Motorcycle Mechanic gets done with it. His method of fixing up a part involves banging on it with his wrench until it works, and he says that any resulting dents, clanks or rattles just give a cycle more personality. But you’ll have to admit that after one of his repair jobs, it definitely runs faster, further, and above all LOUDER than ever before!


  • The Motorcycle Mechanic's first request is always to bring him a Wrench. After that, he has many different quests he offers the player, including photographing a Motorcycle, building him a workshop or even redecorating for him.
  • In the code, the Motorcycle Mechanic is referred to as "Biker_M"