Major Quinton Steele is a playable character in LEGO Worlds. Not to be confused with the very similar-looking Explorer.


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Major Quinton Steele has tan legs printed with a holster, some teeth on a ring, and a belt on the hip. His tan torso is printed with many pockets, as well as an ammo belt and a scrap of parchment. His face is yellow, and is printed with a white mustache and a green telescoping eye. He wears a white pith helmet, like that worn by Dr. Kilroy. He has a gun called the blunderbuss. On the back of his head, there is a small print, some neck baggage, which is colored in a flame, yellowish orange shade.

Major Steele uses the same unique idle animations as the Explorer, who he resembles, including looking off into the distance, then putting his pith helmet down and standing on it to get a clearer view.


Major Quinton Steele is an old-fashioned hunter who has an eye for exotic prey, such as the Werewolf. He first met Dr. Rathbone when he was searching for a new hunting challenge. He is armed with valuable rare weapons and a telescopic eye.


  • The LEGO Minifig comes with a Blunderbuss, the same as one of his unlock quests. (He may also request a regular Rifle or a Rapier Sword).
  • Major Quinton Steele is involved in Quest Chains for both the Vampire and Werewolf, providing the key weapons to defeat each. Neither will spawn without completing their respective Quest Chains.