The King is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The King wears a golden crown atop his white bearded face. His torso is dark blue with ermine lining and a gold chain bearing a golden crown on his chest. His arms are light blue while his hips and legs are dark blue matching his torso. The King's hands are the regular LEGO yellow.

The King stands with his hands behind his back, and occasionally he will kneel down, then struggle to stand back up.


The King is from the 2013 Castle theme, and is based on the Lion King from the King's Castle.


The Lion Kingdom will never be conquered!

The King rules the Lion Kingdom with experience and wisdom. When the Dragon Knights attack, he is the first to ride out of the castle gate and lead his Lion Knights into battle. He has sworn to protect his kingdom from any danger!


  • The King will first begin to ask for his classic Battle Sword, in order to unlock him. Once that has been provided, he will offer a number of Quests, including requesting a photo of the Queen, building him a King's Castle, or even throwing him a birthday party in the Cloud Palace!