Intergalactic Girl is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.  This is one of two characters that the player starts with unlocked and already discovered.


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The Intergalactic Girl has a yellow hairpiece (Part 90396), the same part as the Pop Star's and the Fitness Dancer's. Her face has a determined look on it. Her torso is pink, with the Classic Space logo printed on it, like the Spaceman's. Her helmet is a pink version of the same type used by the Spaceman's, the Space Police Commandos from the Space Police theme, and ADU agents from the Alien Conquest theme. Her legs are also pink, with zippers and space boots.

Aside from the hair, the LEGO Worlds version matches the above description. Her gloves are black. The in-game version is wearing her helmet, so no hair can be seen, however, her hair is available as a part in the Character Customizer. Intergalactic Girl, when idle, gently bounces up and down as though on a low-gravity world.



“No thanks needed. I’m just doing my part to make the spaceways safe!”

The name of the Intergalactic Girl is cheered by life forms on every inhabited planet, moon, space station and asteroid in the cosmos. As an interstellar adventurer, she and her daring outer-space exploits are the stuff of legend throughout the known universe, and even a few of the unknown bits, too.

With nothing but a quasar zapper, a pair of antigravity boots and a can-do attitude, the Intergalactic Girl has single-handedly saved solar systems from black holes, rescued civilizations from cosmic conquerors and captured entire fleets of Blacktron battle cruisers. She never has time to stay for the celebrations afterwards, though, because there’s always another space crisis waiting just around the next nebula!


  • Intergalactic Girl's originally had a lighter pink body and legs, compared to her arms and helmet.