Girl is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, found only in the LEGO Creator: Changing Seasons Set.


The Girl has a simple smiling face with slight eyelashes. She wears her brown hair in a long braid in the back. Her torso is white sweatshirt with a blue front pocket. Her hips and legs are both periwinkle (a sort of bluish-grey).

The Girl has no unique idle animations.



  • The Girl has a few different unlock quests, depending on where she's found. She may ask for a photograph of a Unicorn, or for a collection of Butterflies. In the Dessert Desert, she may ask the player to build something for her.
  • In Creator Towns, the Girl and Boy always spawn together in front of their house. There will only ever be one of their house in each Town, so there will be only one each of the Boy and Girl in the Town as well.