The Giraffe is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that naturally appears only in the Playful Prairie.


The Giraffe is a tall tan creature with brown spots all over. It has black nostrils and brown eyes with black irises and white pupils. There are two studs on the Giraffe's back where a character can ride.

When riding the Giraffe, the Character will often look off into the distance. When coming to a halt after a vigorous gallop, the Giraffe's legs will splay out as though it's about to fall down, but then it will recover.

When idle, the Giraffe may bend down to eat or drink from the ground.


The Giraffe does not appear to be based on any existing LEGO figure.


  • The Giraffe wants a Green Apple to be unlocked for discovery. Once this has been done, occasionally, the Giraffe can occasionally be found in the Prairie looking for help with building some trees.