The Ghostly Chariot is a skeleton-horse-drawn two-wheeled ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found only in the Weird Woods.


The Ghostly Chariot consists of a short tan and brown chariot with two large wooden wheels and grey poles connecting the chariot to the Skeleton Horse that pulls it. There are glowing green tubes on either side of where the driver stands in the chariot, and a two horns on the front of the chariot. A Gold Scorpion sits on the Skeleton Horse's back and atop it is a large purple stone with the Eye of Ra painted on it in white.

The Skeleton Horse is well animated, with simple horse-like animations when idle and a good galloping animation when in motion. The Chariot can hop (even when standing still). When occupied, the chariot constantly makes a rolling carriage noise (even when still), and has a horn that sounds like a little bell.

The Ghostly Carriage can fire non-explosive projectiles shaped like spears (one from each side of the horse) at a rate as fast as the player can click.


This vehicle is based on the chariot in the Monster Fighters-themed set called The Mummy.