The Ghost Car is a common surface vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found only in the Monster Town.


The Ghost Car has a red body, four purple wheels with glow-in-the-dark tyres and a cage of white bones that rise up from the base of the vehicle. It has a grey grill, a tall steering wheel and a trumpet-style horn to the driver's left. Behind the driver is a brown crate with a gravestone in it. A neon-green transparent heart-shaped stone sticks out the engine and rotates constantly. The entire vehicle shakes all the time. It has functional headlights and tail lights that turn on when it is night.

The engine has a regular idle sound that turns into a powerful engine sound when the car is in motion. Instead of a horn, the vehicle revs its engine when you press the horn button.

The vehicle has good handling and a tight turn radius.


This vehicle appears to be unique to the LEGO Worlds universe.