The Ghost is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


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The Ghost has appeared in four different physical variations across the years, not to mention the different types of ghosts that appears in various video games. All three contained a specifically designed headgear glowing in the dark, black head, plain white torso and white arms.

The fourth, and most recent ghost, was released in June 2012, in the Monster Fighters theme. With a black face, and white body and hands, it would appear to be most similar to the second version of the ghost, however, this is the only ghost so far to feature a radically redesigned cowl. It is more detailed, and shows a wailing expression, in contrast to the classic smiling face, as well as a molded tip for the cowl.

The Ghost in LEGO Worlds most closely resembles the 2012 version: a white body, legs and hands, with a white cowl that glows a neon green in the dark.

The Ghost has no unique idle animations.



A spooky phantom that walks through walls and glows in the dark. His creepy moans echo throughout the Mystery Mansion, scaring locals away.


  • Before the October 26th 2017 update, the ghost was unplayable.
  • The Ghost can be unlocked through a number of different Quests, including building a haunted shack, populating a cave with bats and crows or collecting apples.
  • The Ghost only spawns at night, and when daylight comes, will dive into the ground and disappear.