Game Wheel

The Game Wheel is the primary menu for accessing the tools used to manipulate the world in LEGO Worlds. To access the Game Wheel, press the appropriate control button:

Press and Hold Icon Keyboard Tab on the PC or Press and Hold Icon PS4 Triangle on PS4 or Press and Hold Icon XBoxOne Y on XBox One or Press and Hold Icon XBoxOne X on the Nintendo Switch.

Once completely unlocked, the Game Wheel allows accessing eight different tools or game options:

  • Character Customiser - To select a new Character to play or create a customized character.
  • Items - Your "Inventory": Weapons, Quest items and more are found here.
  • Discovery Tool - The primary tool for manipulating Characters, Creatures, Objects and Vehicles in the World.
  • Paint Tool - Tool used for painting LEGO bricks in the World.
  • Build Tool - Tool for building brick-by-brick, or wall-by-wall with the Planner Tool.
  • Copy Tool - Used to copy brick constructions from the World into a blueprint that can be instantly built again and again.
  • Landscape Tool - Environmental manipulator, for adding, removing, raising, lowering, flattening and smoothing land and other parts of the LEGO environment.
  • Free Build - A slightly different HUD interface designed to make it easier to build.