Fish are both Creatures and Items that can be found and collected in nearly every Biome in LEGO Worlds.


There are currently four varieties of live Fish, however, they nearly always appear together. The only difference between them is the colour, and which Creatures use them as unlocks. Fish can appear as Sand Green (a slightly greenish grey colour), Dark Grey (a dark grey), Silver (a shiny grey), and Orange (not grey!).

There is also one "undead" Fish: the Skeleton Fish, which is found solely in Monster Town. This fish appears as a solid white skeleton of a fish, but otherwise moves and acts like regular Fish do.

Fish make no noise, and will attempt to flee from the player, even to the point of flopping about on land. In water, they will often swim near the surface, sometimes jumping out of the water or just swimming around with their mouths pointed up.

As an Item, Fish can be held, but do no damage. They can be thrown, but upon landing, they are treated as a Creature once more and will begin flopping or swimming away.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Fish and is found in many sets in a wide variety of themes. Oddly, Dark Grey is not one of the available Fish colours in LEGO brick pieces.

The Skeleton Fish does not appear to have a comparable LEGO part.


  • Orange Fish cannot be found in Polar Plains or the Frosty Forest and only Orange Fish can be found in Wicked Wasteland
  • Dark Grey Fish are the only ones in the Weird Woods
  • Different creatures want different kinds of fish, so make sure to catch all five!
  • Despite water appearing on Moon worlds, no Fish spawn there.
  • Fishing poles are shown in the advertising and in the code, but do not exist as separate items in the current iteration of the game (as of Title Update 3).