Fearsome Frontier

The Fearsome Frontier is a common Biome in LEGO Worlds.


The Fearsome Frontier is typically wide open flat or gently reddish-brown with large stone mesas and arches dominating the landscape. There are no trees here, but plenty of cacti and skeletons and hazardous creatures. The atmosphere is generally covered in a light reddish haze, suggesting dust in the air. Frontier Towns can can be found here, usually just a single street or two lined with shops and houses and populated mostly with Frontier Men and Women. Strange towers in the middle of the desert lead downwards to mysterious mazes full of monsters and treasure!






All are 250 studs to unlock unless noted otherwise.

  • Campfire
  • Dynamite Crate
  • Red Rock - 750 studs to unlock
  • Bouncy Bones - 750 studs to unlock
  • Goat Skeleton
  • Small Skull
  • Skull Rock
  • Horned Skeleton
  • Small Cactus
  • Medium Cactus
  • Large Cactus
  • Short Cactus Flower
  • Medium Cactus Flower
  • Tall Cactus Flower
  • Flowering Cactus
  • Joshua Tree
  • Tall Joshua Tree
  • Old Desert Tree
  • Ant Mound
  • Weed
  • Withered Weed
  • Dry Weed
  • Pale Bush
  • Hanging Web

Part of the Cowboy's farm:

  • Stud Crate - contains no actual studs...
  • Windmill
  • Trough
  • Fence Sty
  • Small Fence
  • Large Fence
  • Corn Husk
  • Barley
  • Maize
  • Wheat
  • Pumpkin
  • Beehive
  • Haystack
  • Beehive

Frontier town stuff: See Frontier Town

Brick Builds:

Paint Types:

The following Paint Types are unlocked upon discovering the Fearsome Frontier, if they haven't already been unlocked:

  • RedSand
  • Sandstone
  • DarkRedSand
  • DarkerRedSand
  • VariedColWood

Frontier Towns

Frontier Town

Frontier Towns appear solely in the Fearsome Frontier Biome, and are generally comprised of two intersecting streets with typical wild-west-looking stores and houses lining each side. Many Frontier Men and Women wander the streets, asking for help with all sorts of tasks. See Town for more information.


  • Not only do Frontier Towns appear here, but so do the Sandstone Maze style of Dungeons.

Useful Galactic Coordinates: