Farmer (Beard) is a playable character in LEGO Worlds found only in the Merry Meadows. Not to be confused with the Farmer who is female.


The Farmer (Beard) has a bearded face with glasses, under a tan fedora. His torso is a red shirt with blue plaid, under the bib of green overalls. His hips and legs are green to match the bib. His arms are red, and his hands are the normal LEGO yellow.

The Farmer has no unique idle animations.


The Farmer is based on one of the Farmers in the LEGO Farm set (7637).


  • When the player becomes the Farmer, they can summon a Brown Cow.
  • The Farmer (Beard) has many quests, any of which can be used to unlock him for discovery. He may ask for help herding pigs and sheep or doing some gardening or even defending him from Zombies.
  • Formerly called "Farmer (Male)"