The Dusty Dunes is a common Biome in LEGO Worlds.

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The Dusty Dunes are typically wide open gently rolling sand dunes and hills.  A few palm trees dot the landscape, but more often are found monuments, from small columns and statues, to enormous Pyramids and Sphinx statues. Of these, one of the two kinds of pyramids may have a large Item Chest and one or more smaller Treasure Chests inside.

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Water only:

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Small Oasis
Small Oasis
Medium Palm Tree
Three Finger Palm
Small Palm Tree
Palm 3
Yukka Tree
Small Pointy Succulent
Desert Shrub
Groundcover Bush
Desert Grass 2
Papyrus Stalk
Desert Grass 1
Aloe Plant
Desert Ruin 4
Desert Ruin 3
Broken Statue
Desert Ruin X
Desert Ruin X
Broken Pillar 2
Large Palm Tree
Palm 2
Rock with 2 ferns
Horned animal skull
Horned Animal Skull
Three horned animal skeleton
3 Horned animal skeleton
Goat skeleton
Cattle Skeleton
Small Skull

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