Dragon Wizard is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Dragon Wizard wears a black pointed wizard's cap with a red dragon symbol printed on it. He has a long black beard over an angry-looking face. His torso is black with red flame-looking printing on it, along with the printing of a silver chain with a dragon's head symbol on it. His arms, hips and legs are also black, with additional printing on his legs resembling potion bottles and scissors. He is wearing red gloves and a red cape.

The Dragon Wizard walks around with his arms out, then will stand still rubbing his hands in an evil gesture. Periodically he will disappear under his hat, then reappear a moment later.

When he attacks, he throws a powerful fireball that does a significant amount of damage, and is also capable of ripping holes in structures and terrain.

The Dragon Wizard is based on the minifig of the same name from the Dragon Mountain LEGO set.



"The evil wizard is a genius potion master. He can brew ailments for his injured soldiers and knights to get them ready for battle again, but also to control his people. He claims to be their friend, but he's really just trying to conquer the castle and kingdom for himself and then let everyone else fend for themselves."


  • This character was renamed from Warlock to Dragon Wizard in Update 1 to match the actual LEGO minifig name.
  • After Early Access, this Character vanished from the World, along with all Dragons, and they must now be discovered through a long and involved Quest (perhaps the most complex Quest Chain in the game):
  • Note that after Title Update 3 there may be some difficulties completing this quest chain.
The Quest for Dragons
Spoilers! Click to see the Quest Chain...
The Quest for Dragons, and by way of it, the Quest for the Dragon Wizard, as well, is one of the longest and most complex. The player will have to explore many worlds, and complete tasks for many different Characters and Creatures before the Dragon Wizard and the Dragon will begin spawning. Even if you have the items mentioned in this Quest Chain already, it's still necessary to do all the Quests in order to unlock the Wizard.
  • To start, you'll need to Discover the Spooky Girl in her native Weird Woods and complete one of her tasks. (One beginning task is rebuilding her garden. You'll have to place some charred flowers, gravestones and a bunch of iron fences, all of which can be found in the Weird Woods. Another is to build a campfire site for ghost stories. The latter can be found on Harry-Mulligan-892/F at X:-14.41, Y:26.78, Z:-50.08) After this, she should be available to spawn in the swamps...
  • Next, go to the Lawless Lagoon and seek the Spooky Girl standing by some lab equipment (Try the Galactic Coordinates 163-193-103/D at X:-59.526, Y:27.072, Z:26.489). She will ask you to place a Cauldron (found in the Weird Woods) and two different kinds of glowing Cave Mushrooms (found in Cave Systems or in the Chemistry Lab Brick Build) nearby. Once you've done that, she'll want to trade you for a Pumpkin Head (which you can also find in the Weird Woods). In exchange, she'll give you a Red Crystal.
  • Next, it's off to the Crystal Crags to find the elusive Jewel Thief who will take that Red Crystal and give you a Dinosaur Tooth for it. She will NOT be marked by a quest marker, so just keep looking around for wandering Jewel Thieves carrying teeth.
  • Once you have her Dinosaur Tooth, it's time to trade it to someone who really wants it: The Dino Tracker. She's in the Rowdy Rainforest, so set your controls for a world with some jungle on it, and go tracking the Tracker! She should be wandering around somewhere, holding a Water Pistol! Trade her your Dinosaur Tooth, and get a new gun in the process!
  • Now to find someone who wants this nearly useless Water Pistol? Oh yeah - the Fisherman likes those, doesn't he? Does he?!. Anyway, head to any Biome with a Fisherman (Curious Canyon, Fungus Forest or Lawless Lagoon) and you should have no problem locating a Fisherman walking around carrying a mysterious-looking egg... Trade your gun for his Fire Dragon Egg, and you have unlocked the Dragon Wizard! He will now begin spawning in the Whispering Woodland as well as the Wicked Wasteland. Which, by the way is where you need to go next to continue the quest to unlock Dragons!
    • The quest MAY be broken here Before completing the Dragon quest, you should try to unlock Dragon Eggs: Find a Dragon Wizard, and beat him into submission (remember to use a Crystal Weapon!). While subdued, he should be willing to accept the Fire Dragon Egg from before, at which point he becomes discoverable, and also (very likely) will start to attack you. Even if this part doesn't work, you can still continue on the quest, but it will block you from unlocking Dragon Eggs permanently (as of Title Update 3b).
  • You may need to hunt around or try different worlds to find one, but you must locate a Dragon Wizard standing at an Altar, holding a Crystal Scimitar. He will trade you his sword if you bring him four items: An Orange Crystal, a Yellow Jewel, a Red Gem and a Doughnut. ( Try this world, there are two altars: Everett-Chiu-878 zone G - coordinates X:35.79, Y:28.96, Z:109.83 or X:113.03, Y:29.60, Z:91.14)
  • This will not be enough, so bring on the familiars! He suggests spawning 4 Red Snakes and 5 Red Frogs.
  • STILL not enough... so try painting a nearby structure with some Lava texture?
  • When in doubt, Dance! The Dragon Wizard now asks you to build some Dance Pads and torches so that he can "bust a move" with the Fiery Fandango.
  • STILL no luck. Well, no Dragon can resist Fiery Frosting! (can they?). Anyway - time to build a giant Cupcake from your Brick Builds (the blueprint is called "Cupcake 5"). When you complete this stage, he gives you a Night Dragon Egg to go with the Fire one you got earlier, and Dragons will now begin spawning in their appropriate Biomes!
  • But what to do with these eggs? Simple! You hatch them by throwing them into the lava! Good thing for all the lava around, eh? Be careful where you throw it, because the egg will hatch IN the lava, and you will still need to feed the newborn in order to discover it and claim it for your own. You might have to paint the lava as stone in order to run onto it to pick up the baby, but after you do... You'll be the proud parent of a brand new Baby Dragon!
  • But what about the BIG Dragons?! Well, sadly, the babies don't grow up. Instead, you'll have to find a full-size Dragon, defeat it, then feed it, then it's all yours!
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You've completed the Quest to unlock Dragons, Baby Dragons and the Dragon Wizard.

LEGO Worlds How To Unlock the Dragon Wizard (With All Quests Necessary)

LEGO Worlds How To Unlock the Dragon Wizard (With All Quests Necessary)