The Dinghy is a single-seat aquatic vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found only in the waters near the Lawless Lagoon, Playful Prairie, Rowdy Rainforest and Watchful Wilderness.


This aquatic vehicle has a small orange rubber raft-style base, with a small black and grey engine mounted on the rear, and a single functional light on the front that turns on when the boat is being piloted. The pilot sits on the edge of the boat, sort of leaning with one hand on the engine and the other on the hull, while twisted slightly to face forward.

When idling, the boat has a low quiet-sounding engine noise. When in motion, the engine has a high-pitched lawnmower engine noise.


The Dinghy is just a simple powered boat, floating on the surface of water. It will stop when it hits land or a Character or Creature, but can destroy small Objects in the water.


The Dinghy is based on the common LEGO part (30086: Boat, Rubber Raft, Small) which is found in many LEGO sets, including the Crooks' Hideout.


  • The position of the pilot changed after Early Access to the current "side-saddle" style.