Deep Sea Diver is a playable character in LEGO Worlds found in many biomes, including the waters of the Colossal Corals, Submerged Secrets and Polar Plains, as well as on land in the Playful Prairie and Watchful Wilderness.


The Diver has a standard smiling face with raised eyebrows, a blue helmet with transparent blue diving facemask and snorkel attached. The torso is a blue wetsuit with wave logo, and the legs are blue to match. The hips are orange, but the arms and hands are black. The Diver also wears a unique accessory on his back: an orange scuba tank with a mouth piece that reaches around the front of the Diver's neck.

The Diver has no unique idle animations.



“Blub blurb glub?”

The Deep Sea Diver seems like a nice enough fellow, but no one can tell for sure, because no one can understand what he’s saying. Whenever he speaks, all that comes out is burbles and bubbles. He might be easier to understand if he ever took off his diving mask and air tank, but he thinks that he can’t breathe without them and always keeps them on, even when he’s walking around on land – which is a pretty funny sight, thanks to those big flippers on his feet!


  • The Deep Sea Diver has a few quests, including leading him to water (when found on land), building a diving platform for him, and even trading him a Trident for his Blue Dragon Egg (once the appropriate quest line is complete).