Constable is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Constable is has a black British-style police officer's helmet with a silver badge printed on it. His arms and torso are black, with silver buttons, a grey belt and a silver badge. His hips and legs are black, and his hands are the standard LEGO yellow. His face has a large bushy moustache, and he has a chin strap from the helmet.



“Stop in the name of the law!”

The Constable is an old-fashioned sort of policeman. He doesn’t use a fancy squad car or motorcycle. Instead, he patrols the cobbled streets on foot, twirling his baton as he walks his daily route. He knows every law by heart, he always keeps his uniform neat, and he only takes off his helmet in the presence of the Queen.

The Constable often works with the Detective on important cases. He may not be able to solve every crime mystery all on his own, but everyone appreciates his pluck and enthusiasm, not to mention his extraordinary ability to get lawbreakers to give up simply by giving them a good talking-to!


  • The Constable does not appear to spawn in any Biome by default, but rather, as a part of Towns and also attached to a quest to paint a Town Clock - which can appear in certain biomes, such as Weird Woods.