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The Character Customizer lets the player customize his or her own character using parts from Characters that the player has already collected and unlocked by paying the price in Studs. Custom characters can be assembled from the following parts:

  • Hat (Optional)
  • Head
  • Hair (Optional)
  • Body
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Attachment (Optional)
  • Cape (Optional)

When selecting parts from the list, click and hold to drag the list back and forth or use the arrows, in order to see more than just what is shown.


When beginning a new game, the player can choose to customize their character, choosing from the full costumes of the Astronaut and Intergalactic Girl, or create a unique mix from any of their pieces, as well as the following items:

  • Hats:
    • Tt Baseball Cap (for Early Access reward recipients)
    • Mac McCloud's Cap (brown aviator cap with goggles)
    • Festive Hat (a typical Santa hat)
    • Cowboy Hat
  • Hair
    • Intergalactic Girl (Long blonde hair)
    • Caveman (Shaggy black hair with beard)
  • Body
    • Explorer (Khaki shirt)
    • Construction worker (Orange shirt)
  • Arms
    • Boy (Dark blue arms)
    • Arctic Explorer (Orange arms)
  • Hips
    • Girl (Light blue hips)
    • Forestman (Green hips)
  • Legs
    • Fisherman (Yellow legs)

Additionally, the following pieces can be found in Treasure Chests:

  • Hats:
    • (List coming soon)

Characters created using the Character Customizer will inherit special abilities from certain parts they use, usually the head, but also, in some cases, accessories (such as the ability to breathe underwater being granted by air tanks from any scuba diver). Once a custom character has been created, the player can then become that character at any time by selecting "Custom 1" from the Character submenu of the Models menu. The player can also spawn that custom character as an NPC by dragging it from that menu into the world, however, custom characters have no behaviours associated with them, and will just stand there, rather than wandering around.


Certain parts are deliberately left off of the character customizer (such as the Yellow Astronaut's parts, to avoid the appearance of "naked" minifigs).