Boy is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, found originally in the LEGO Creator: Changing Seasons Set. Now the Boy can be found in Creator Towns as well as the Dessert Desert.


The Boy has a simple smiling face under a red baseball cap. His torso is blue with red plaid, and his arms are blue to match. His hips and legs are both khaki.

The Boy has no unique idle animations.



  • The Boy has a few different unlock quests, depending on where he's found. He may ask for a photograph of the Gingerbread Man, or for to trade an Ice Lolly for an Ice Cream Cone. In the Dessert Desert, he may as for help rescuing the Girl who has become trapped.
  • In Creator Towns, the Boy and Girl always spawn together in front of their house. There will only ever be one of their house in each Town, so there will be only one each of the Boy and Girl in the Town as well.