Each World of LEGO® Worlds consists of one or more different Biomes.  Each biome is distinguished not only by visible appearance, but also for the specific creatures, characters, vehicles and objects that can spawn there. Most of the common biomes found in the final release have alliterative names. The tables below may not list everything that appears in a specific biome, just the common things. Note: There are many biomes yet to be released. See bottom table for examples.

The Biomes (Base game)Edit

These are the Biomes and non-Biome regions that can be found in LEGO Worlds without purchasing or downloading any additional DLC.

Name Creatures Characters Vehicles
Curious Canyon
Curious Canyon
Tall, bare trees and high rock formations with small houses and wooden platforms.
Bear, Dog, Eagle Motorcycle Mechanic, Fisherman, Zombies Swamp Police 4x4, Off-Roader, Off-Road Motorcycle, Motorcycle
Cave Systems
Cave systems may appear under any Biome. Not a specific discoverable Biome, but has a distinctly different ecosystem. May have a different style under certain Biomes.
Bat, Rat, Snake, Scorpion Cyclops, Lady Cyclops, Skeleton None (Any vehicles seen are likely from the surface biome).
Colossal Corals
A large open body of water with large coral structures and sunken ships.
Big Shark, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin Deep Sea Diver, Scuba Diver Dinghy, Small Submarine, Wreck Raider, Deep Sea Submarine
Crystal Crags
Crystal Crags
Black ground with bright speckles, large crystal outcroppings, gems and jewels everywhere.
Eagle, Rock Monsters Intergalactic Girl, Jewel Thief, Chemist Buggy, Thunder Driller,Drillex's Driller
Dessert Desert
Brightly coloured, with giant candy canes and lollipops instead of trees, and other giant sweets as terrain formations and buildings.
Pig Boy, Girl, Gingerbread Man, Wacky Witch Bicycle
Treasure Room
Not a biome itself, but a feature that appears in several other biomes, full of terrible dangers and fabulous treasures! The only creatures found here are Skeletons, and the occasional Minotaur, Mummy or Giant Troll.
Dusty Dunes
Dusty Dunes
Bright yellow sandy dunes with palm trees, Pyramids, and other great monuments.
Camel, Ostrich, Parrot, Monkey, Skeleton Horse, Snake, Scorpion Anubis GuardEgyptian Queen, Mac McCloud, Mummy, Mummy Warrior Hot Rod, Biplane, Mac's Motorcycle, Half-Track
Falling Forest
Falling Forest
Gently rolling hills with deciduous trees turning orange and brown.
Crow, Owl, Squirrel, Badger Ghost, Paintball Player, Wacky Witch Buggy, Off-Road Motorcycle
Fantasy Forest
Fantasy Forest
Gently rolling green hills with large leafy green trees. Not to be confused with Jungles which have darker trees, and are much flatter. May also have large grey columns and Stonehenge formations.
Brown Horse, Dragon, Unicorn Forestman, Forest Maiden
Fearsome Frontier
Brown lands with large outcroppings and arches of reddish brown stone, and lots of cacti and animal bones.
Bull, Cow, Horse, Snake, Scorpion CowboyCowgirl, Sheriff, Bandit Barrel Boat, Covered Wagon, Stagecoach
Frosty Forest
Frosty Forest
Gently rolling green hills with large leafy trees covered in snow, and frequent snowman.
Rabbit, Sheep, Dragon Arctic Explorer
Fungus Forest
Sharply rolling hills with large mushrooms instead of trees, giant clovers and gigantic pock-marked boulders.
Pig, Frog. Butterfly Fisherman, Chemist, Scientist Broomstick, Wheelbarrow, Skateboard
Junkyard Jungle
Scrap Plains
Piles of wrecked cars and stacked tires litter the landscape.
Monkey, Dog, Cat Construction Worker, Motorcycle Mechanic, Skater Girl,

Jewel Thief

Articulated Digger, Articulated Truck, Wheelbarrow
Lawless Lagoon
Flat regions with brown, muddy ground that makes a distinct squishing noise. Marked by mangrove trees and the occasional Stilt House.
Bat, Crocodile, Spider, Frog Scientist, Zombie, Swamp Crook, Swamp Police Officer
Merry Meadows
Wide open plains with few trees, many farm animals, hay bales, water troughs, windmills and large Barns, and Farmhouses.
Bull, Cow, Horse, Goat, Pig, Sheep, Brown Pony Farmer, Scarecrow Tractor, Wheelbarrow, Small Plane
Ornamental Orchard
Gently rolling green hills and flatlands with Cherry Trees, bamboo and giant Pagodas.
Brown Horse, Cat, Rabbit, Spider Samurai, Warrior Woman Buggy, Cole's Earth Driller
Perilous Peaks
Extremely steep and mountainous region with deep green valleys and snowcapped peaks that almost reach the clouds.
Dragon, Eagle, Goat Mountain Climber Police Helicopter
Playful Prairie
Flat regions with large green and yellow-leafed trees and large animal bones.
Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Ostrich Explorer, Paleontologist Buggy, Major Steel's Hot Rod, Small Plane
Polar Plains
Flat snow-covered lands and sharp peaks with Igloos, weather vanes and snowmen. May have sheets of ice near the water's edge.
Polar Bear, Husky Arctic Explorer, Yeti, Astronomer Helicopter, Small Plane
Rowdy Rainforest
Flat regions with lots of large, dark green trees and lots of flowering plants and vegetation.
Gorilla, Frog, T-Rex, Monkey, Coelophysis Caveman, Cavewoman, Dino Tracker, Pirates, Surfer Girl
The body of water surrounding other biomes. Separated from some other biomes by beaches or sheets of ice. Not truly a separate biome, but shares characteristics with underwater biomes such as Submerged Secrets and Colossal Corals, and often blends into them. Frequently only populated by Fish and the occasional Rowboat.
Not really a separate Biome, but appears above nearly all other Biomes. Not much going on up here, but these clouds are solid enough to walk (and build!) on, and sometimes you can find castles and other wonders up here!|
Submerged Secrets
Submerged Secrets
A large open body of water, filled with sunken ruins, treasures and mysterious underwater structures.
Octopus, Big Shark, Dolphin, Fish Deep Sea Diver, Scuba Diver Deep Sea Submarine, Wreck Raider
Super Flat
Flat green land, no hills, no valleys, no water and no caves. Only accessible in Sandbox Mode.
Watchful Wilderness
Flat green land with scattered conifers and lots of stumps and fallen logs. Not to be confused with Whispering Woodlands which has very tall, narrow conifers and smaller, prop trees.
Bear, Brown Horse, Rabbit Square Foot Buggy
Weird Woods
2015-06-03 00016
Dark green hills with large twisted trees and spooky decorations like coffins and severed heads.
Bat, Crow, Owl, Spider, Rat Rocker Girl, Vampire, Werewolf, Zombies, Wacky Witch, Ghost, Spooky Girl Broomstick, Skateboard, Ghostly Chariot, Major Steele's Hot Rod, Ghost Plane
Whispering Woodlands
Conifer forest
Hills with very tall pointed Conifer Trees. Differs from Woodland in that there are no stumps or fallen logs, and a lot more trees, and the conifers here are much taller and narrower.
Brown Horse, Giant Troll Dragon Wizard, King, Queen, Heroic Knight,Evil Knight, Troll King, Troll Queen, Troll Warrior Open Wagon
Wicked Wasteland
Volcanic region
Flat-to-mountainous region with grey rocky ground, sharp black outcroppings, small volcanoes and rivers of deadly lava.
Dragon, Spider, Snake, Scorpion, Burnard Dragon Wizard, Volcano Explorer, Research Institute Paleontologist Cole's Earth Driller, Fireblaster

Biomes found in DLCEdit

Name Creatures Characters Vehicles
Moon (Or Classic Space)
Hills and flatlands and craters of stark white moonrock. This is the only Biome in the Classic Space DLC.
Purple Spider, Space Spider, Space Robot Spacemen(various), Space Alien Many space buggies, rockets and rovers.
Monster Town
Monster Town
Dark green plains with large twisted trees and spooky decorations like coffins and severed heads. There is a character named Lord Vampyre's Bride, but it appears there is no Lord Vampyre character there. This is the only Biome in the Monsters DLC.
Bat, Crow, Cat, Spider, Rat, Skeleton Horse Zombies, Witch, Ghost, Spooky Boy, Skeleton Guy, Mr. Good and Evil, Fly Monster, Lord Vampyre's Bride, Gothic Man, Gothic Woman Broomstick, Ghost Car, Spooky Chariot, Coffin Car, Monster Truck, Ghost Train, Ghost Ship Kart, Vampyre Hearse
Winter Wonderland
The Winter Wonderland biome ranges from flat to slightly rolling hills, with snow-covered conifer trees, and snowmen and giant Christmas packages. The only Biome in the 2017 Seasonal free DLC.
Penguin Carol Singer Lady, Carol Singer Man, Seasonal Girl, Seasonal Boy, Festive Girl, Festive Boy, Santa Sleigh, Toy Plane

Unreleased BiomesEdit

This information is culled from the code and may be considered spoilers for unreleased content.

Unreleased Biomes
Name Creatures Characters Vehicles
Ancient Legends
(Not yet announced)
Horse,Cow,Spider Battle Goddess, Cyclops, Minotaur, Roman Soldier, Roman Commander, Spartan Warrior, Barbarian
This unreleased biome may have resembled the rolling hills of Greece, with great olive trees, Coliseums, and various mythical creatures and various warriors from ancient history. May have been skipped in favour of Brick Build releases.
(Not announced)
Kangaroo, Camel, Snake, Scorpion
A dry hosti le bushland resembling the Australian outback. May have been replaced with Curious Canyon.
Pirate Isles
(Not yet announced)
Pirate Playground
Crocodile, Monkey, Parrot Pirates, Fisherman
Very similar to the Pirate Playground (Tutorial)
Prehistoric Lands
(Not yet announced)
Prehistoric Peril
T-Rex, Pteranadon, Triceratops, Velociraptor Caveman, Cavewoman, Dino Tracker, Paleontologist, Rex Tyrone, Sue Montana, Dinosaur Hunter
Very similar to the Prehistoric Peril (Tutorial), but with dinosaurs and dinosaur hunters
(Not yet announced)
Evil Robot, Clockwork Robot, Robot, Lady Robot
Unknown style, but full of robots
Snowy Forest
Arctic Explorer, Scientist, Research Institute Astronomer Polar Bear, Husky Arctic Helicopter, Arctic Snow Plough
Very similar to the Frosty Forest. Removed during Early Access - superceded by Polar Plains and Frosty Forest Note that Winter Wonderland was created as a completely new and unique biome.
(Not yet announced)
Unknown style