The Bazooka is a ranged explosive weapon LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly in Treasure Chests throughout the world.


The Bazooka is a long black and grey tube with a handle protruding from the bottom. It has glowing orange sights on one side.

It fires a single explosive projectile which will fly in a straight line, then blow up a large number of bricks in a sphere around where it hits. The explosion is 18 studs in diameter.

It will do 10 points of damage (2 and a half Hearts) to normal creatures, and 4 points (1 Heart) to creatures that are classified as "Invulnerable" to normal weapons.


This item seems to be unique as far as real-world LEGO items.


  • The design was significantly altered after Early Access (as can be seen in the pictures). The original design was more like the traditional LEGO "Bazooka" piece, where as the new one seems to be a unique construction for LEGO Worlds.



The old icon.

Icon Bazooka

The new icon.