The Bat is a non-rideable, carryable Creature in LEGO Worlds that naturally appears in many different surface and subterranean biomes, such as Cave Systems, Dessert Desert, Falling Forest, Fantasy Forest, Fungus Forest, Lawless Lagoon, Merry Meadows, Ornamental Orchard, Playful Prairie Weird Woods and Whispering Woodland. The Bat generally only appears at night.


A Bat is a small, single-stud animal part, in black. When flying, they are constantly flapping rapidly. Bats in the water tend to flop about until they reach shore, and bats on the ground do a strange struggling crawl until they take to the sky once more.

From Brickipedia:

There had been legends and tales of enormous Bats living deep within the Caverns of Nathuz, but until the invasion of the monsters none had ever seen such beasts. But now with the arrival of the Golems, the Bats have started to pour out of the caves at night to plague the neighboring countryside.

Unlike normal harmless bats, these giant Bats aren’t very peaceful!


This creature appears to be the Bat. This piece can be found in wide variety of LEGO sets, including the Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts Castle.


  • The Vampire can turn into a Bat.
  • The Bat can be discovered immediately with no Quest required to unlock it.