Astronaut is a playable character in LEGO Worlds. This is one of two characters that the player starts with unlocked.


The Astronaut of LEGO Worlds is significantly different from the classic Spaceman. The Astronaut's basic armor colour is white with many markings. He has a white version of a Space Police Commando helmet, with a gold (non-transparent) visor on it. His face is yellow and has a large smile, two eyes, two eyebrows, and a beard with stubble. The Astronaut's torso has a metallic-colored 'plate' with the Space theme's logo on it in red along with several small metallic squares 'buttons' and a grey dial. The Spaceman's metal 'collar' markings have a red 'latch' printed in the center. Gray latches appear to connect the torso to the hips right above each leg. Both arms and legs have a single red stripe in the middle of gray lines indicating pockets and flex sections. The right arm also has another Space theme logo, this time the planet is metallic gold, while the orbiting ship and trail are red. The gloves are grey and the attachment, a double set of airtanks, is white to match the suit.

The Astronaut does not appear to have any unique idle animations.



“That’s one small plate for a Minifigure, one giant brick for minifigure-kind!”

All his life, the Astronaut has been obsessed with exploring outer space. He read every book he could find about the space program, built his own pretend rocket-ships out of spare bricks, and even tried eating the astronaut way – out of a tube. That got messy fast.

Now that he’s made his way through real astronaut training, the Astronaut is finally on his way to his first new planet. He can’t wait to get there! He’s brought a flag to plant on the surface and everything. He wonders if he’ll encounter any unusual life forms when he arrives. If he does, he hopes they like the spiffy new beard he grew during his long space voyage!


  • Although the Astronaut can breathe underwater, he cannot WALK underwater, making his ability useless for completing underwater Quests or opening Treasure Chests underwater.
  • The astronaut will NOT appear on custom worlds.


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