Ann Lee is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


Ann Lee has sand blue legs printed with a clove of garlic, wooden stakes, and a belt. Her torso is white with a red bodice, a white collar, and a silver pendant necklace. Her pants also continue on her torso. She has white arms with yellow hands. Her hairpiece is reused from the Cave Woman but darker and has a crossbow arrow instead of a bone. She has a facial scar from the Witch Nail.

Ann Lee has no unique idle animations.


Ann Lee is a Monster Fighter, proficient in the ancient art of broomstickajitzu. Her monster arch-enemy are the Ghosts, even though she is shown in videos with the Mummy. She met Dr. Rodney when Dr. Rodney was looking for a suitable pilot brave enough to fly into the Monster Realms, and was described as waiting in the air hangar for him.


  • The LEGO Minifig comes with a crossbow, but Ann Lee's unlock quest is for a Compound Bow. She rewards the player with a Blueprint for the Monster Fighter Camp, used in the Quest Chain to Discover the Vampire.
  • Ann Lee is involved in Quest Chains for both the Vampire and Werewolf. Neither will spawn without completing their respective Quest Chains.